Me on escalator
Heading out for an adventure.

I like to travel; I like to drink; I like to climb things—usually in that order.  I’m prone to take leaps of faith, figuratively speaking that is.  And this is what fuels my adventure.  This is what keeps my sense of Wanderlust curious.

I take crappy pictures but compensate for by taking vivid mental images.  My memory is good and I’m challenging myself to recollect all the great times I had in unfamiliar places and transform them into words.

Did I say I don’t like taking pictures? On a very rare occasion, I’ll take my phone out an snap a picture.  Probably because I was forced into it.  Probably because I heard my mom’s voice in my head saying “take lots of pictures for me.”  Probably because I was either drinking or climbing things.

My tales of travel are all from the past.  If you’ve ever traveled, you understand how complicated it is to constantly track everything in your journal or your computer or even your phone.

The fact is, the memories will remain for you to revisit.  Words will bounce around in your head long enough until they spill out and find a home on a blog—this blog.

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